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Industrial style lighting is one of the most versatile trends to incorporate in your home. Whether you prefer traditional home styling or modern, contemporary decor, these fixtures are the crowning jewels that easily fit into any design.

Not sure how to chase down this experimental style? We’re shedding some light on our favorite tips and best seller industrial fixtures.

Industrial Lighting Style Defined

Who thought the old industrial lighting style would evolve into a trendsetting vogue: the charm of metallic finishes and the rustic feel, throws a powerful, illumination punch to any space.

Usually embracing unrefined textures & material like metal, caged-wires, copper pipes, glass, and more, the rustic lighting style stems from the industrial age with major influences from old factories & warehouses where raw materials are abundantly found.

Upgrade your home interiors to a grunge industrial feel with earthy tones and rustic wiring. If you’re looking to round off this style in a living room or man cave, be sure to add exposed vintage bulbs to complement the look and feel.