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Looking for modern chandeliers for living room? Your search stops now! Huge collection of modern dining room chandeliers and other home lighting at UAE’s top online store for lighting. Best deals on modern and classic designs exclusively for you. Browse through an array of choices and redo your home now.

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    Sinatra Modern Chandelier Sinatra Modern Chandelier

    Sinatra Modern Chandelier

    Inspired by the feminine glow cast by one of the greatest jazz singers of all times DelightFULL has created Etta round chandelier. It is a sophisticated and very functional chandelier lighting design suited for the most luxurious settings you can think of. It is handmade in brass with the additional unique feature of each one of its leaves being shaped and assembled by hand. The gold brushed standard finish gives this brass chandelier a true sense of luxury. Seeing as this is a bespoke lighting design every feature can altered to meet your expectations and requests. Etta is the perfect chandelier lighting for a luxurious lobby at a fivestar hotel but it also looks amazing in a grand dining hall. Learn More
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    Cavaletti Pendant Cavaletti Pendant

    Cavaletti Pendant

    A cavaletti is the support and bar horses jump during competition. But you don't have to like horses to love this pendant. Each piece is created from steel square bar stock heated in our forge, and skillfully drawn out to a taper before the pieces are interlocked. Learn More
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    Wren 5 Light Pendant Wren 5 Light Pendant

    Wren 5 Light Pendant

    The Wren five light Pendant s design element is simple. Steel rectangles with slightly curled edges shape bands of light which stream from the narrower sides to decorate the ceiling while the open end of the glass directs light for practical needs. Learn More
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    Spring LED Pendant Spring LED Pendant

    Spring LED Pendant

    Raindrops cascading down a trellis were the inspiration behind Spring. Each "raindrop" created by the Vermont artisans at AO Glass, captures the light, resulting in an unexpected sparkle. The LED light guide is independently adjustable from the sculpture. Learn More
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    Winter LED Pendant Winter LED Pendant

    Winter LED Pendant

    As dramatic and enticing as the snowy season itself the Winter LED pendant lamp features an assemblage of snowflakes frozen mid-fall. Each hexagonal snowflake is carved from steel and painstakingly moored to the rectangular lighting bay. These hanging lights are best suited to serve as living room ceiling lights or bedroom lights and shine best when paired with colder lighting. Learn More
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    Theta LED Pendant Theta LED Pendant

    Theta LED Pendant

    Astoundingly regal and science fiction-esque at the same time the Theta LED pendant lamp is an affixing amalgamation of textured glass unadulterated steel and warm lighting. Bonded to the prominent steel ring are curved panes of textured glass and sturdy metal fixtures that keep the structure mid-air. The finish of the Theta balances the warm light emanating from the LED strips in its rectangular lighting bay. These bold modern chandeliers are perfectly suited to serve as living room ceiling lights. Learn More
  1. Austerity Modern Ceiling lamp Austerity Small Modern Ceiling lamp

    Austerity Modern Ceiling lamp

    Metal frame. Fashionable lamp design using acrylic plates. Learn More
  2. Miraggio Chandelier Miraggio Small Chandelier

    Miraggio Chandelier

    Metal frame. PVC lampshades covered with white-coloured threads. Crystal pendants. Learn More
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    Solstice LED Tiered Pendant Solstice LED Tiered Pendant

    Solstice LED Tiered Pendant

    An elegant two tiered pendant featuring a graceful surround of art glass entices you to contemplate the beauty of this pendant. Each of the textured glass panels is unique handmade by the Vermont based artisans at AO Glass. Learn More
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    Autumn LED Pendant Autumn LED Pendant

    Autumn LED Pendant

    The most beautiful season of the year along with its myriad of free-falling leaves has now been encapsulated in its very own still-life light fixtures. Having astonishingly captured the reckless abandon and mid-flight haste of descending foliage the Autumn LED pendant lamp is a splendid conjunction of two worlds: nature and man. The lithe curves in every leaf refract light in different ways making these hanging lamps better suited to an environment where their vibrancy can truly be appreciated. Learn More

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