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Love decor? Our decorative floor lamps should be on top of your must-have list. Our floor standing lamps are a true symbol of luxury and class your home will be incomplete without. Sleek and stylish, they can brighten up your homes like none other. Crafted with the finest materials, they ensure comforting light for your room. ...

Have a look at our Arc floor lamps. Their bent shaped lamps are the perfect balance of sophistication and innovation for your living room. The light colors with the bent stands really call for your guests' attention.

Let us introduce you to our minimalistic, modern floor lamps. They are so sleek you can just fit them in any corner. Their contemporary panels make the diverted angle for the light to spread out seamlessly brushing that perfect light on your eyes.

Have a look at our contemporary floor lamps. You definitely need these bold yet unique lamps. And if you seek something mystical, the magical globes is what will compliment your home, allowing the light to play on your walls, these will give your room the look that it needs.

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